Google Ads Services

The scalability, flexibility, and measurability of Google Ads Management are just 3, out of many, reasons as to why Google’s Network has become the fastest growing marketing platforms in recent times. So much so, it’s now the necessity if you want to be competitive in your industry. Who wouldn’t want to place their business directly in front of prospective customers at a time that they are actively in search of what you have to offer?

Why Google ads matter?

Google generates around 70% of global website traffic. So why wouldn't you want your ads placed in a prominent first-page position at the time a user is looking for what you offer? This presence, combined with an easy-to-navigate website and clear sales funnel, can have significant effects on your ROI from digital - even after your Google Ads expenditure.

Should I invest in a remarketing strategy?

Unless you're the seller of inexpensive 'FAD' products, it's unlikely that people will immediately engage in your products and services at first sight. But what's to say they wouldn't be ready in a few days time? Don't miss out on potential customers because you've become lazy with your marketing and haven't reinforced your brand at the opportune moment.


Advocates Of Changing The Narrative

At Digital Stripes, whilst keeping best practices at the top of mind, we are huge advocates of being different. When a user performs a search on Google, they are presented with adverts that look almost identical. Why be like everybody else when you could really stand out from the crowd with a few simple changes of narrative?

Google Ads logo in colour

8 Google ads optimisation tactics to exploit!

Digital Stripes believes in the optimising for today, as well as tomorrow. That’s why every aspect of your Google Ads and remarketing campaigns with Digital Stripes will meet and exceed best practice guidelines – ensuring your KPIs are reached and priority goals are always kept at the top of mind.

Take a look at our top 8 Google Ads optimisations to consider for your website below.

Copy Split Testing

Just because it sounds like a Shakespeare masterpiece in your head, doesn't mean it's the right copy for the job. A few simple changes in narrative can have the greatest of impacts on your campaigns results.

Query Analysis

Increase your campaign ROI by better connecting with long-tail searchers, who are further along in the buying cycle and more likely to convert, by performing routine analysis of search queries.

Dynamic Search Ads

Eliminate purchasing hurdles such as multiple page views or a slower website by quickly directing potential customers to the page that they want on your site with Dynamic Search Ads.

Bid Management

Stay ahead of the competition, keep on top of your advert visibility and design rules to match with specific campaign goals through automated bid management. Wouldn't it be nice to always be found?

Local Search Ads

Capture a local market on the move through implementing localised search ads. As a tourism-centric nation, you'll be amazed at how many people run a search query for ''example' near me''.


Some of your audience will ready to buy. Others, just researching. Whatever the intent of your website visitor, be sure to serve contextually relevant ad copies with audience segmentation.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads mean big growth for many business' both large and small. They are the (not so) secret to driving high volumes of 'ready-to-convert' traffic to your website.


Whether they added an item to your cart but never checked out or have shown enough interest in your service but need an extra push, social re-marketing is the ultimate strategy to close the deal.

Are you ready

to grow?

Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

Displaying text-based adverts on Google is great – If you haven’t got awesome looking products at killer prices to show that is! Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads mean big growth for many advertisers and are the (not so) secret to driving high volumes of ‘ready-to-convert’ traffic to your website. Start showing your wares to potential customers in the hottest placements of digital real-estate available today.

Blank example of Google Shopping and product listing for Google Ads
mobile devices displaying both Google Ads and Facebook marketing platforms

Google Ads & Facebook: Better Together

When combined, Google’s astounding market reach and Facebook’s unparalleled demographic targeting platform is a force to be reckoned with. A study from Kenshoo showed that paid audience segments, who had been exposed to paid Facebook adverts generated a 30% increase in relevancy score, a spike in the average order value, lower cost per acquisition and a higher return on AdSpend (ROAS) – Very much under the guise of better together and stronger united.

Facebook Re-Marketing Campaigns

With a typically lower cost-per-click than search engines, and a unparalleled targeting platform, re-marketing via Facebook is a proven ‘last-chance’ strategy in an organisations media mix. Unless you’re a seller of knee-jerk or FOMO items, converting first-time visitors takes time. By excluding past converters and re-marketing to those who have left your website to compare elsewhere, you can ensure that your marketing is pulling all the stops to get you that sale.

animated design of Google Ads remarketing campaign on a mobile device
animated design of a websites landing page for Google Ads

Bespoke Landing Pages

Let’s face it – Humans can be lazy. Therefore, driving potential customers to your website through smart advertising, for them to be greeted with an uninspiring or uninformative landing page is a bit of waste. At Digital Next, we are incredibly intrigued by the laziness of humans and go out of our way to ensure that your landing pages deliver the right look, the right content and sales funnel that even your nanna could follow.