If you can’t see the value in good SEO, then your customers can’t see you.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.  In search results Google displays links to pages it considers relevant!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to neglect your SEO.

We don’t offer a silver bullet or any misleading claims, what we bring to the table is hard work, experience and an unrelenting curiosity in your business and its share of the market.

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Our services will leave nothing to chance and provide a solid foundation that your website needs to rank well on Google. Without a well-optimised website, Google will have difficulty correctly organising your site and will not reward you with a high visibility listing. 

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11 on-page SEO services to consider!

Digital Stripes believes in the optimising for today, as well as tomorrow. That’s why every aspect of our SEO services meets and exceed best practice guidelines. By ensuring that priority positions are earned and sustained across a wide range of highly-valuable target keywords for a substantial period of time, our campaigns will help you achieve valuable growth.

Take a look 11 key factors that every SEO company should be considering.

Page Titles

As a critical element for both user engagement and search engine algorithms, our page titles briefly and accurately describe the topic and theme of your landing page.

Meta Descriptions

Not only are our meta descriptions CTA driven, they assist search engines when indexing your web pages through the use of relevant keywords to the content they describe - A must have!

Header Tags

Critical in assisting search engines with understanding what your page is about, header tags from Digital Next are fully optimised in conjunction with a pre-agreed SEO strategy.

Deep Links

Deep links offer an opportunity to promote your product and service pages to Google when people are looking for a more detailed resource to link to. It's not all about the homepage!

URL Structure

Our SEO experts ensure that both users and search engines are able to easily understand what is on each page just by looking at the URL.

Internal Link Structure

Your websites internal links assist Google in establishing a hierarchy of importance. This enables you to have complete control over which pages you want to gift the most amount of link value towards.

Landing Page

There's SEO algorithm optimised content and awesome content for humans. we believe we have what it takes blend of smooth legibility and technical brilliance to satisfy both parties.

Blog Content

If content is king then context is queen. Increase your websites LSI keywords and supporting contextual density with inspiring, educational and humanly legible blog content from our native writers!

User Engagement

With search engines constantly striving to improve their worth, prove to Google that your page is the thought leader in the industry with quality, engaging and resourceful content.

Website Speed

Is it important for SEO, user experience or both? We say both! Particularly when it comes to mobile-first optimisation and ensuring you don't waste your opportunity to impress before it's even begun!

Web Hosting & SEO

You buy cheap, you buy twice and website hosting packages are no different. Whilst commonly overlooked, your website hosting could be the kryptonite to your growth for localised search.

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