Social media marketing that you can be friends with.

Did you know that social media marketing, according to Hubspot, has a 100% higher lead-to-close ratio than any form of outbound marketing? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, social media marketing should be your next port-of-call for on your exploration agenda.

How does social fit into your strategy?

Simply put, there can be no strategy if there are no measurable goals - So set the objectives first. Then, with vast advertising tools at your agencies disposal, the deliverables should be integrated into your core sales strategy funnel - rather than a siloed exercise for ancillary brand awareness. You'll be astounded at its demographical capabilities.

What results should you be measuring?

Beyond easy to understand metrics such as likes, comments and shares, your social strategy should entail a strict set of KPIs. If product sales are your goal, your monthly reports should be value/cost centric (E.g. How much have you spent, including management, per sale). After all, post likes are great to look at but do they truly pad the wallet?


Why Social Media Marketing?

Over the course of a decade, social media has turned from being a luxury commodity to an absolute essential in digital marketing. With over 2 billion Facebook users, and a marketers dream where demographic targeting platforms are concerned, paid social advertising allows you not only to reach your exact audience en mass but at a time when they are most likely to purchase. Not to mention all the customer-buyer-journey insights that can be drawn to fuel your other strategies!

Social media icons of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp and Linkedin

Paid social media strategies to exploit!

At Digital Stripes, we believe in using a multitude of digital strategies when executing a marketing campaign – and social advertising plays a major part in this mix. That’s why we always look to tie Facebook’s fantastic demographic capabilities with Google’s mass-market reach to ensure that your adverts are seen by the most important people, at the Goldilocks moment.


Take a look at some typical social strategies we’d recommend exploring.

Page like campaigns

Consistently keep your brand in front of the right audience, and be the prom king of your school with an 'always on' page likes campaign that promotes your business in the way you want it to.

Prospecting ads

Build brand and educational awareness about your products/services with prospecting ads before sealing the deal with re-marketing once user has signaled enough interest.

Lookalike Audiences

Your next move can be a challenge. But who better to target next than a demographic who 'lookalike' and show frequent interest in the same products/services as past converters?

Discounts & timed offers

Professional burst media campaigns, such as discounts and limited time offers are extremely shareable and perfect for high-impact revenue generation during peak periods of business. Enquire Now

Brand reputation & reviews

Proud of what you do and confident that you deliver value to your customers? Why not promote reviews on the number one platform where people are more likely to speak their mind!

Location awareness ads

With local awareness ads, your business can easily find new customers by displaying adverts to groups of people who are near your location. After all, humans are lazy and would rather shop close by!

Video advertising

If pictures paint a thousand words then how much does a video paint? Get your message across quickly and wow your customers with high-impact video advertising on social media.

Social remarketing

Whether they added an item to your cart but never checked out or have shown enough interest in your service but need an extra push, social re-marketing is the ultimate strategy to close the deal.

Be the brand

that succeeds in digital

First touch Facebook advertising

As part of an on-going brand building exercise, Digital Stripes always introduce first touch advertising on Facebook to spread the word about your business and it’s engaging social channels. As part of an ‘always on’ Facebook marketing initiative, our creative wizards will curate a mixture of creative assets, including supporting advertising text which positively represents your business to it’s target audience.

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mobile devices displaying both Google Ads and Facebook marketing platforms

Google Ads & Facebook: Better Together

When combined, Google’s astounding market reach and Facebook’s unparalleled demographic targeting platform is a force to be reckoned with. A study from Kenshoo showed that paid audience segments, who had been exposed to paid Facebook adverts generated a 30% increase in relevancy score, a spike in the average order value, lower cost per acquisition and a higher return on AdSpend (ROAS) – Very much under the guise of better together and stronger united.

Remarketing Strategies

Unless you’re the seller of inexpensive ‘FAD’ products, it’s unlikely that people will purchase or engage with your website’s checkout at first sight. But what’s to say they wouldn’t be ready to purchase in a few days time? Don’t miss out on potential customers because you’ve become lazy with your marketing and haven’t reinforced your brand at the opportune moment. Engage in remarketing services with Digital Next today.

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Closing The Loop

With varied touch points across the user buying journey, and what could eventually become over time a complex media mix, it’s important to be able to ‘close the loop’ when an in-market customer converts. As such, Digital Next stop serving adverts to identified prospects the moment they complete a funnel or otherwise are removed for advertising fatigue. The converting users would then be caught under a seperate returning converter campaign with varying creative messaging.